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To produce canned artichokes, Victoria Mixed Pickles uses only the freshest material. Our specialization in this product permits us to achieve the highest levels of quality and freshness and our efficient production system results in minimal environmental impact.

The process begins with the manual collection of the artichokes in the field. Still on the same day of harvesting they reach our factory, where they are selected according to size and quality of the flower: the bud before blooming is what we consume from this vegetable.

Then the artichoke is cut and all the green parts are removed to reach the tender part. From the tender artichoke, the heart and the bottom can be removed, or it can be cut into slices or chunks, which will result in different types of canned food.

To ensure quality and sterility of the product, the canned artichoke is conserved as an acidified product with adequate heat treatment before and after packaging. Once in the final packaging, either tin or glass jar, the artichoke has a shelf life of up to three years. Victoria Mixed Pickles’ product catalogue includes whole hearts, quarters, slices, chunks and bottoms.

Victoria Mixed Pickles has the capacity to produce other types of canned foods and plans to expand its product range in the future.

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