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The artichoke


The main product of Victoria Mixed Pickles is the canned artichoke: only freshly picked artichokes from the fields of Alicante and Murcia are processed.

For canning purposes, only the variety of Artichoke Blanca de Tudela, the most appreciated and cultivated in Spain, is used. Compared to other varieties grown in other countries, the Blanca de Tudela is tender and flavorful.

The artichoke is grown in areas with warm or temperate climate. Spain is one of the main producing countries with about 300,000 tons annually, half of which are grown in the Spanish Levante, especially in the Murcia and Alicante area.

The artichoke is consumed worldwide. This winter vegetable is appreciated both for its nutritional properties and for its many uses in the kitchen. It can be fried, baked, eaten alone or as an ingredient in many recipes.

The artichoke is harvested mainly in winter, although the application of new farming methods permits us to have fresh material from autumn to spring. For most countries, the only way to consume the so-called ‘orchard flower ‘ is in preserve.


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